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Clinton Green - Address Book


Clinton Green – Address Book

Track 5 – Clinton Green & Tim Eldridge – Guitar in E(ldridge) (‘E’ is for Eldridge, Tim)

A note from Green:
‘This is the first track that was recorded especially for “Address Book”. Tim lives in NSW, so I emailed him an old Undecisive God recording made in 2000 called “Guitar in E”, to which Tim added his own guitar (pictured) and remixed in June 2013.’

A note from Eldridge:
‘I encourage everyone to head over and check out this mammoth collaborative effort from Clinton Green of Shame File Music and friends. The work titled ‘Address Book’, comprises of Green in collaboration with 26 different artist running from A-Z representing each letter of the alphabet, making 26 different collaborations in total. Over the coming weeks/months, the project will be unfolding, via band-camp, with each track revealed sequentially. I was lucky enough to be given the chance to collaborate with Green on track E titled ‘Guitar in E(ldridge)’. There are a lot of great music and musicians involved in this project and is definitely worth checking out. Hope you enjoy!’

Address Book on Soundcloud

Address Book on Shame File Music