PSO-014 Piss Ear


Tim Eldridge – Piss Ear

Mood Music for Alcoholics with Genital Dysfunctions. Initially intended for background music made for the unemployed and depressed that would not seem out of place at a rehab centre. Ambient soundscapes and reverbs dominate this recording making this Eldridge’s most atmospheric to date. Suitable for withdrawals from all addictions.

Instruments: Acoustic and Sampled Percussion, Keyboard, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Digital Treatments
All Instruments: Eldridge
Track Listing

1. Focal and Segmental 
2. Glomerular Lesions
3. Spermatocele
4. Testicular Torsion/Orchalgia
5. Priapism
6. Peyronies Disease
7. Balanitis
8. Erythroplasia of Queyrat
9. Phymosis and Paraphymosis

Total Time: 47:06
Release: August 2007
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