PSO-015 Piss Eye


Tim Eldridge – Piss Eye

Two long contrasting pieces, Side A Fast and Side B Slow. Opening track, “Rectovaginal Fistula” use of live recordings of  3 piece band “the freemasons” 2002 improvised live set, incidental sounds, background noise and sampled sound effects mixed together making over 20 minutes of sound collage nonsense. And if that wasn’t enough , “Leukorrhea” drones and screeches it was through a long and painful somewhat ambient domain. White noise and earthed leads make a it feel like you are sitting in the electric chair with a razor blade dildo inside your penis.

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Sampled Music Taken From “The Freemasons – Bootleg Recordings 2002”
All Instruments: Eldridge
Track Listing

Side A: Rectovaginal Fistula  20:02
Side B: Leukhoria  21:19

Total Time: 41:21
Release: October 2007
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