PSO-005 Execute









Tim Eldridge – Execute Part 4 of 4

Recorded during 2004 in Sanctum Sanctorum Home Studios Sydney, Australia. Opening with an onslaught of guitar, bass, drums and vocals, lasting only minutes replicating sounds of a new born babies head been run over by military tanker. Cooling off with ambient sounds of blowing wind and feedback mid way and finishing with a solo guitar piece treated with digital delay bringing you to the end of the “Attention and Consciousness” series.

Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard, Prepared Percussion, Electronic Treatments, Vocals
All Instruments: Eldridge

1. The Nucleus Accumbens 2:34
2. Dexedrine 4:53
3. Stimulation 6:09
4. Adhd 1:42
5. Orbitofrontal Cortex 6:46
6. Anterior 3:54
7. Cingulate 4:43
8. Cluver Bucy Syndrome 5:49
9. Gyrus 0:30
10. Execute 10:10

Total Time: 47:14
Release: March 2004