PSO-003 Orient









Tim Eldridge – Orient. Part 2 of 4

Recorded during 2002-03 in the Sanctum Sanctorum home studios Sydney, Australia. Orient, the second in the ‘Attention and Consciousness’ series offers a collection of soundscapes and ambient movements taking inspiration from noise improvisations and film music.  Electronic noise collage and experimental recording techniques dominate this recording with processed sampling present throughout the majority of this work. Depending heavily on electronic pitch shifting devices and digital reverb to get an atmospheric underscore sound creating a colourful display of music and noise.

Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard, Glass, Bow, Loops, Singing Bowl, Electronic Treatments, Percussion and Sampling
All Instruments: Eldridge

1. Disengage (3:07)
2. Posterior (3:30)
3. Parietal Cortex (3:26)
4. Basal Ganglia (3:12)
5. Move (3:40)
6. Frontal Parietal (3:39)
7. Orient (4:32)
8. Thalamus (4:47)
9. Engage (6:01)
10. Orient (9:10)

Total Time: 45:08
Release: January 2003