PSO-002 Arouse


Tim Eldridge – Arouse. Part 1 of 4

Recorded during 2002-03 in Sanctum Sanctorum Home Studios (Sydney, Australia). The first in a 4 part series brings you ‘Arouse’, a collection of exciting new pieces from the house of Eldridge. Having had an idea for a 4 part set of music entitled ‘Attention and Consciousness’. At times sounding like a movie score and at others like incoherent noise. If you enjoy the sounds of a cat being set on fire and being put out with an axe, then you will find Arouse to be an exciting and rewarding listen.

Instruments: Keyboard, Microphone, Guitar, Percussion, Violin, Tape, Voice and Hard Disk Studio Effects
All Instruments: Eldridge

1. Pillsbury (3:59)
2. Deadlines, Actions, Tactics (5:48)
3. Limbic System (5:06)
4. Wundt (3:45)
5. Sensory (2:53)
6. Reticular (3:48)
7. Tieheiner (6:57)
8. Hippocampus (6:20)
9. Arouse (7:07)
10. Arousal (7:14) 

Total Time: 53:00
Release: December 2002