PSO-012 Corprophiliac


Tim Eldridge – Corprophiliac

Mood Music for Electronic Instruments is another electronic piece from Eldridge offering more of a live approach than on previous recordings. Tending to shy away from conventional instrument and replacing with earthed leads, feedback and other assorted electronic effects units, the music tends to slowly evolving with harsh tones at times while quiet and meditative at others. Whilst some may be inspired to eat their own excrement upon listening, it is not recommended.

Instruments: As stated below
All Instruments: Eldridge
Track Listing 

1. Opus I Pour Orchestretto (11:33)
Drum machine, Lead & Monitor, Digital Delay, Keyboard, Chorus, Overdrive & Wah-Vibe
2. Symphony In C# (7:02)
Microphone Feedback, Digital Delay x 2 & Prepared Guitar 
3. Vivo (6:49)
Overdrive, Lead x 2, Harmonizer, Digital Delay, Reverb & Equalizer
4. Opus II (10:49)
Keyboard, Digital Delay, Lead,
Overdrive & Chorus
5. Allegro Alla Breve (6:17)
Lead, Reverb, Keyboard & Equalizer
6. Big Exit (6:48)
Lead x 2, Reverb, Auto Wah Effect, Digital Delay, & FM Radio
7. Scene IV: Act I (8:03)
Lead, Digital Delay, Equalizer & Chorus
8. Variations: Allegretto (6:31)
Lead, Monitor, Digital Delay, Keyboard, Overdrive & Wah Pedal
9. Opus III (6:48)
Lead, Digital Delay, Tape & Chorus
10. Postlude (9:04)
Microphone Feedback, Digital Delay & Equalizer x 2

Total Time: 79:48
Release: November 2006