PSO-011 Meditations for Six Strings


Tim Eldridge – Meditations for Six Strings

Dark and moody set of songs for guitar and prepared guitar based . Using bow, mutes, pitch shifting and various other effects, giving the music an ambient and spooky feel. Influenced in part, by working on the production line with plastic and paints coupled with the ideas of being held captive against your will. Crudely recorded making this recording quite an uncomfortable listen for even the most experienced of ears.

Instruments: Guitar, Prepared Guitar
Performed by: Eldridge
Also available from Shame File Music:
Track Listing

1.  Dawn 0:53
2.  The Beating  2:05
3.  Taunt  2:43
4.  Bound and Gagged 5:53
5.  Rape of Chainsaw 3:09
6.  Subject 4:12
7.  Blood Loss 4:44
8.  Still Born, Still Death 3:10
9.  Battery of Brick 3:08
10. Sunrise 9:12

Total Time: 39:04
Release: March 2006