PSO-004 Detect


Tim Eldridge – Detect Part 3 of 4

Recorded during 2002-03 in Sanctum Sanctorum Home Studios Sydney, Australia. Dark atmospheric and confusing themes dominate this recording with the use of prepared percussion techniques and pitch shifting devices sounding more like a field recording of a workplace than a piece of music. Making you feel like you have drunk the urine of an alcoholic and woken up with cancer, Detect has been described as interesting and adventurous. Ideal for anyone with a week off work and no friends with fecal impedance looking for an  effective bowel flushing.

Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard, Prepared Percussion, Electronic Treatments, Vocals
All Instruments: Eldridge

1. Reward and Novelty 6:35
2. Memory 4:11
3. Visceral Emotion 4:39
4. Mesolimbic System 5:26
5. Forebrain 4:45
6. Scatomas 2:03
7. Caudate Nuclei 1:54
8. Autonumatic Motor Response 2:31
9. Neural Networks 7:00
10. Detect 4:49

Total Time: 43:57
Release: March 2003