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Tim Eldridge – Tinnitus

Originally titled ‘It Bled From the Anus’, Tinnitus was inspired in part from the experience of working in the construction industry, alongside heavy machinery and other forms of general white noise coupled with incidental sounds and field recordings. Tinnitus brings forth a primarily abrasive set of compositions, taking refuge in small bouts of minimalist ambience to offer a breathing point before being subject to the next onslaught. If you are recovering from and inner ear infection, I suggest placing one speaker in your anus at full volume to achieve the full effect that is Tinnitus. If you are recovering from prostate cancer than I suggest placing one speaker in the opening of your urethra and placing the volume on maximum setting.

Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals, Electronic Treatments, Hard Disk Treatments
All Instruments: Eldridge
Track Listing

1. JRB45 3:54
2. PQZX91 4:31
3. XBVC70 4:24
4. SCIE8 3:41
5. FGH876 4:32
6. HCV12 4:06
7. KBFE11 5:46
8. 9TYU213 1:22
9. UFUM38 3:23
10. TYUE78 10:07

Total Time: 45:48
Release: January 2005
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