PSO-001 This Place


Tim Eldridge – This Place

Psoarearsis is proud to present the debut recordings from Eldridge. Writing and Recording started for these pieces as early back as 2001 in Sanctum Sanctorum home studio Wollongong south of Sydney. Using cheap digital editing software for hard disk and other various crude unconventional and conventional instruments the artist set about to put together an album of rough sounding in-accessible pieces. The uses of rather modest recording techniques are present throughout this entire record, experimenting with different types of sounds and noises trying to find the footing and test the waters.  Recorded on and off over a 2 year period during June 2001 till April 2003 in various locations around the Illawarra area, this crudely recorded and at times inaudible album proves very challenging but is also subtle and quite ambient at others making it a rewarding listen. The earliest known recordings from Eldridge are an exciting and challenging listen for anyone interested in stretching their ear. No effort has been made to improve the quality of theses recordings.

Instruments: Guitar, Vocals, Harmoniser, Keyboard, Computer Based Loops, Background Noise, Drum Machine, Fm Radio & Computer Production/Treatments.

All Instruments: Eldridge

1. This Place (5:54)
2. Clitaxium (5:56)
3. Perplexillium (4:50)
4. – (2:19)
5. Prixisoxis (4:02)
6. – (6:39)               
7. Cockaxis (5:14)
8. – (4:25)
9. Borax (4:54)
10. Mothballs & Medicine (6:15)
11. – (3:34)
12. – (6:23)
13. – (0:50)
14. Perpexillium Reprise (6:36)
15. – (0:42)
16. Deaf Mutton (7:54)

Total Time 77:05
Release: June 2003